Project Transcyborgia

Project Transcyborgia

(Note, this project's outline is still being fleshed out, very much a work in progress – get involved!)

Introduction -

Do you want to hack yourself?  Make yourself into something more than it is in its current state?  This could mean being able to run without having pain, control your household appliances with your mind, or be as ambitious as teleportation or telepathy.  However, this is not a science fiction group, this is an "I want to be able to do X but I can't right now – this needs to change" group.  We will work together on each other's projects to lend support in our own technical domains. 

We will also be strong advocates for heterarchically collaborative individuality over hierarchically exclusive conformity to ensure that the main objective of society is living a happy, purposeful life and maximizing our long term allostatic potential. 

To this end:

  • We will work to reduce destructive competition and encourage productive collaboration
  • We will bring about changes to public educational systems so that experiential learning is the default educational method and available to all who desire it at all levels of education. 
  • We will make sure that the education of highly complex topics is accessible and encouraged for those who need to learn it to achieve our goals, instead of being only available to the select few for whom it comes naturally. 


Social Mission –

The goals for which The Other Realm was formed are to:

  1. Foster sustainable, cooperative education and innovation that leads to the betterment of those involved
  2. Lower the energy and complexity necessary to get a task done with the expressed or implied purpose of making room for previously unachievable tasks
  3. Promote community while encouraging individuality and uniqueness in all

These goals are to be for the purpose of directing where change is headed and using it to benefit humanity in an ever more joyful way.


Technical Missions:

  1. Improve self-deterministic abilities of individuals and society
  2. Extend abilities beyond the body
  3. Enable better and new methods of communication and consciousness
  4. Enable new forms and definitions of life


These are some of the core values members of this community should hold:

  • Insatiable desire for the application of more knowledge, skill, and ability
  • Desire for rational discourse
  • Heterarchical cooperation over hierarchical hegemony
  • An open and honest sharing of feelings and resources
  • Positivity towards all bodies, minds, and modes of expression and exploration towards more pluralistic normativity
  • Working through discomfort and conflict – a move beyond discomfort to a shared understanding
  • A desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be continually trying to improve our health
  • A desire for long term practicality and pragmatism; to seek to minimize undesirable but necessary tasks and maximize desirable activities over the long term, even if this means short term undesirable activities may need to increase.