Mission –

The goals for which The Other Realm was formed are to:

  1. Foster sustainable, cooperative education and innovation that leads to the betterment of those involved
  2. Lower the energy and complexity necessary to get a task done with the expressed or implied purpose of making room for previously unachievable tasks
  3. Promote community while encouraging individuality and uniqueness in all

These goals are to be for the purpose of directing where entropy is headed and using it to benefit humanity in an ever more joyful way.


Vision/Planned Actions –

         The Other Realm (tOR) is currently establishing an educational technology social enterprise based on collaborative, heterarchical, and sociocratic principles.  This will be for the purpose of making sure that the next stage of our evolution is one that is open, that anyone can contribute to and benefit from.  Initially, tOR will be focused on creating a digital platform for educators with a desire to harness open source technology to optimize their learning and teaching.  Also, an effort will be undertaken to find a few key collaborators who fully embrace the ideas behind tOR and to find grants, loans or investments in order to establish a physical presence in the Pioneer Valley.  The goals of this stage, which is expected to last a few months to a year, are to gain sufficient capital and lay the infrastructural groundwork for the next stage and then be encompassed into the next stage.

         The next stage will proceed when tOR has established the right connections with schools, cooperatives, and individuals to have a sufficient base of people who have a use of the resources available from tOR (in other words, after we have developed products and services).  This stage will establish a safe, inclusive, collaborative technology workspace and educational environment.  There, people will spend half their time as apprentices, working with a cooperative and half their time developing – with support – their own social cooperative to iterate on this model.

         In the long term, tOR will be the leading edge of a new era of open source products that help society evolve in an ever more joyful direction and a source for collaborative education and community building.



The focus –

         tOR is open to anyone who desires a more collaborative, joy focused, method of change.  However, the primarily focus initially will be on the underdogs, societally cheated people who don't have a seat at the table but desperately want one.  A.k.a.: a large swath of society that literally or figuratively does not have a voice because no one has time to listen.


Why?  –

         It lets anyone with a desire to contribute to society, regardless of current abilities, find and pursue their dreams while earning a living income at the same time; it lowers costs for cooperatives, government agencies and taxpayers.  But the true reason is that it makes people happy.