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A Collaborative New Beginning

The current Prospect Designs Inc. Shop

     I am looking for people who would like to go in on renting (or possibly buying) a house/building that has ample space for a wood/machine/electronic shop.  Given the lack of availability of equipment associated with school or work right now, I would think there should be a few other people interested in such a resource.


    My father's woodworking business in CT is closing and I would like to keep some of the equipment and carry on his legacy of designing useful things for people in need. The problem is, I don’t have a good enough space to set things up where I rent right now in Easthampton, MA.

   If I can find other people who also have this same passion for woodworking and designing useful things that people need, I am looking to create a new design cooperative so that the equipment in the shop finds a new, worthy purpose.


If you have an interest in woodworking, product design, DIY stuff, sewing, or in creating a Makerspace in Western MA or Northwest CT, please reach out!


Specifics of who we are looking to get involved with the process:

  • You have a passion for making things
  • You have an interest in, or experience with, worker or artistic cooperatives
  • You have some skill you can bring to the table or would like to develop
    Specific skills we need right now:
    • People who can get the word out about the shop we can build
    • People who have experience with land/building acquisition
    • Someone with a large truck that can transport things weighing a ton or two
    • Other people with a vision of what a community shop could have to offer

   I get that this is not an ideal time to be embarking on a collaborative endeavor such as this, but the equipment needs to be moved, and it would be a real shame to see it be sold off.  We can do the majority of the logistics remotely though, until we have the space and start moving things in.

-Aaron E-J

Equipment Available:

  • Bandsaws (wood & metal)➡
    Wood Bandsaw
  • Radial Arm Saw➡
    Radial Arm Saw
  • Drill press➡
    DrillpressDrillpress at an Angle
  • Table saw➡
    Table saw
  • Several electric hand drills➡
  • A bunch of different routers, including an old Shop-Bot CNC router, a table mounted Onsrud Inverted Router, and hand controlled routers➡
    Onsrud Inverted RouterShop Bot CNC Router
  • An industrial sewing machine➡
    Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Spray panting equipment (used for sealing wood with shellac or other lacquers, not sure its applicability for other kinds of paint)➡
    Spray panting equipmentSpray panting equipment
  • Various sanders➡
  • Just about every kind of woodworking hand tool you can think of
  • Shop vac. (both a stationary one that use used when sawing something and a mobile one that you use to vacuum the floor with)➡
    Shop Vac.Shop Vac.Shop Vac.
  • A lot of random raw materials (wood, vinyl, screws, bolts, nuts, ex.)➡
    Raw Materials Raw Materials Raw Materials
    Raw Materials Raw Materials Raw Materials

We only have a small amount of time until everything needs to be out of the shop, therefore this art that is on the wall in the current space of a Short Fuse, ready to explode and lose everything, is apt!

Running Out Of Time