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Using a combination of a solenoid and a rubber band to



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The idea is to eventually have it be a place that is interesting to children and adults alike and functions as a means of informal STEM learning, better nutritional awareness, and cooperative income generation.  The goal would be a Rube Goldberg style restaurant that the cooks and wait staff are whimsical robots.  The food would be sustainably original (ex. entomophagy, algae burgers, moringa [a tree] leaf salad) and eventually could be tweaked to fit the palate of repeat customers based on AI.  The robots would be created by community members (students and anyone else interested in getting involved, see ) and the raw food ingredients would be locally sourced as much as possible.  There is a NSF grant ( ) that seems particularly appropriate for the idea and that would hopefully be able to provide adequate funding to start.  However, the project would be a huge undertaking and require broad community participation.  Comment on or get in touch if this sparks your interest.  Share when a good time and place to meet is.