In Page Lookup

The Problem –

People often want more information on a word or phrase they have come across on the web, but not so much that they want to open a new tab, as that will probably lead to distraction.


The Solution –

A Firefox Extension (and possibly Google Chrome, once the app is a little further along) that let you highlight a word and press a few keys for a box to popup showing the highlighted word’s Wikipedia or Wiktionary page with more information about it.

Other Food

The problems –

Many people are not aware of how to make good healthy food, or more than likely, do not have time or interest to focus on it.  Still others do one have access to low cost good healthy food (or do not know how to find it).

Many people like thinking up and creating new dishes but don’t like all the busy work and monotony that is entailed in cleaning up and doing prep work.  Other people (or the same people) have an interest in robotics and tinkering and maybe an artistic eye.

©Platform21 a design studio in Amsterdam

The solution –

Create a restaurant powered by robots.  The goal would be a Rube Goldberg style restaurant at first, that the cooks, cleaners, and wait staff are whimsical robots.  The food would be of sustainable original (and of unusual origin ex. entomophagy, algae burgers, moringa [a tree] leaf salad) and eventually could be tweaked to fit the palate of repeat customers based on AI.  The robots would be created by community members (students and anyone else interested in getting involved) and the raw food ingredients would be locally sourced as much as possible.

Some of the Rube Goldberg style robots would then be refined into mass producible products to automate the home and their creators would (or more could) spin them off into sister cooperative businesses using the “Other Work” model.