Are you into robotics and transhumanism? Interested in helping to form this intentional worker cooperative community of designers and inventors? At this stage, it makes sense to focus on getting a source of income that is not dependent on grants, loans, charity, venture capital or other temporary financing methods that we need to use in the short term. Therefore, the focus is on developing a robot vacuum (Boto Bot) for large commercial areas like conference centers, college campuses, or government buildings. Think Roomba, only way larger and more powerful, able to plug itself into a standard power outlet, and open doors. Eventually, the goal is to evolve the Boto Bot into a more general purpose robot that replaces many of the tedious jobs that people currently need to do themselves and is a platform off of which we can develop the technologies for evolutionarily self-reproducing robots.

The goal is to use the seven cooperative (or "Rochdale") Principles as the basis for the organizational structure of The Other Realm:

  • Voluntary and open membership

  • Democratic member control, with each member having one vote

  • Economic participation by members

  • Autonomy and independence

  • Education, training and information

  • Cooperation among cooperatives

  • Concern for community

See the "Draft of Governance" section for more details about how we will operate and fill out the form below to get involved!!


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