Other I –


To start, this will be an individual and small group immersive experience where participants are all connected to a collective computer via EEG electrodes and need to get their brain waves to synchronize.  There is so much potential for this idea of using electromagnetic body sensor information to shape a narrative experience.  If we can make an otherworldly experience and make a few high quality and enticing promo videos, it is estimated we can set the ticket price at $150-250 or more (the same price as many professional therapy sessions).  Some ideas are to rig the environment so that when people succeed in synchronizing their brain waves it ignites blue flames around the room and to also connect non-human animals (it would be humorous to use guinea pigs) to the system somehow so it is a bit like they are the ones controlling the show.


There is also a lot of promise of using the concepts developed in the immersive experiences for clinical therapy.  Currently EEG devices are being used for therapy to treat depression, autism, and a few other areas.  However, the treatments currently utilized in the clinical setting are primarily based on prerecorded, standardized datasets of "normal people".  What we plan to attempt is a combination clinician and peer led group therapy using real-time, closed loop, adaptive systems.  In these systems, everyone is hooked up to an EEG and, similar to the immersive entertainment version, they all try to get their minds to synchronize with both some baseline and a shared goal (ex. move arms up and down in unison, sing as a chorus, play a collaborative video game). 


Obviously there will need to be extensive R&D, however if we can have a gradual transition from pure entertainment to purposeful entertainment, we can continue to refine the system until the results we desire are achieved.

Background –

I have wanted to do brain research and general scientific inquiry for a long time but it seems like the only way to get paid to do this, is to work in academia (thus requiring years more demeaning and costly stress in graduate school before trying to maybe get a paying job) or sell your soul and your ideas to some monolithic corporation that has all the money after spending countless hours writing cover letter after cover letter.  I have also always had artistic ideas that I have tried and failed to bring to life.  For years I have vacillated between science and art, thinking up idea after idea, only to drop them when my interests have changed.  This is an attempt at bringing the two together in a way that is hopefully less likely to face this fatigue.

3 Month Goals –

·   Find people

·   Get funding

·   Find and move into an appropriate space

·   Start working on something actually relevant and interesting

Current Obstacles –

·   Time.

·   Money