The Other Realm

Overview –

We design game changing innovations that help the world be a happier, more inspiring place. The overarching innovation we are seeking to have actualized is the creation of self-reproducing synthetic artificial life, into which we can extend our conscious actions. To achieve this lofty goal, we will break the challenges that exist into sub-projects that have commercial potential, while also building a community of fellow game changers and visionaries who want to actually implement these ideas, not just think them.  Please see the section "Project Transcyborgia" for an overview of the community goals.

Although many diverse products will spin out from the discoveries that come from innovations necessary to achieve our goals, there is one of them that has the potential for sustained iterative improvement.

The Boto Bot vacuum cleaner will be a robot vacuum that can plug itself into a standard power outlet to recharge, has ample space for storage of the debris it sucks up, and has a flexible, self-articulating hose that it can use to get into tight places. Eventually, not only the hose will be flexible but the whole unit will be made of flexible material and instead of wheels, will have legs, enabling the vacuum to climb steps. It may be possible to break this product into the AI/electronics involved in creating a power cord that can plug itself in, and the flexible self-articulating hose (picture the trunk of an elephant), both of which have many other uses.  Eventually, the hope is to have this robot vacuum evolve into a more general purpose robot that can be the platform by which we can develop the evolutionary capabilities that will bring about self-reproduction.


Project Transcyborgia

This is a community that's eventual audacious mission is transhumanism; enabling us to become more than just single individuals.  The methodology that will be used to achieve our stated objectives, is by employing rational science and technical resources in an iterative way. 

This is also a community that will be an educational and societal initiative to improve scientific inquiry by breaking down the ivory tower so that science and innovation are not restricted to just those who go through established educational channels. 

The goal is to find likeminded people who long for the close community and the "radical openness" that is a common theme in intentional communities, as well as have a drive to innovate and advance engineering, technology, science, and medicine.  While we embrace environmental sustainability and political activism, there are other communities that are more suited for people interested in focusing on these activities.  Our primary goal is the collaborative effort to make progress towards three main areas:

  • Creating self-reproducing synthetic artificial life
  • Creating the ability to communicate and control said synthetic life, ultimately extending oneself beyond the body – achieving pseudo-apotheosis.
  • Creating the ability for two or more people to share conscious thought; direct ubuntu


With these goals in mind, we hope to establish a communal house/set of houses with adjacent shop space that we can use to work together to implement the above goals.  The intention is to form a cooperative business around the innovations that come from the incremental attempts at achieving these lofty goals.  The hope is for members of the community to not need to have outside employment, so that we can focus our efforts towards advancing our mission.  earning an income as soon as possible. 


These are some of the core values members of this community should hold:

  • Insatiable desire for the application of more knowledge, skill, and ability
  • Desire for rational discourse
  • Heterarchical cooperation over hierarchical hegemony
  • An open and honest sharing of feelings and resources
  • Positivity towards all bodies, minds, and modes of sexual expression and exploration towards more pluralistic normativity
  • Working through discomfort and conflict – a move beyond discomfort to a shared understanding
  • A desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be continually trying to improve our health
  • A desire for long term practicality and pragmatism; to seek to minimize undesirable but necessary tasks and maximize desirable activities over the long term, even if this means short term undesirable activities may need to increase.