Other Eye

Did you know that over 90% of all car accidents are due at least in part to driver error? Millions of people suffer catastrophically each year as a result of simple inefficiencies in their response time. Many people are not fully aware that they have these response time discrepancies until it is too late. This is important however, not only for immediate events like changes in road condition, but also for learning and interacting with society. Some people have trouble focusing on the task at hand or find communication difficult because of the load it requires them to process this input and output.


Other Eye seeks to increase people’s responsiveness and sensory acuity by using engaging virtual reality games and gathering statistical data on gaze and reaction time. Methods of testing baseline sensory ability are also being developed for ophthalmologists and occupational therapists. For example tests include detection of peripheral vision deficits, color perception, and identification of moving verses stationary objects. Clinicians currently use outdated hardware that costs 10’s of thousands of dollars or use rudimentary methods that are prone to biased interpretation. Our product is harnessing the power of smartphones with inexpensive virtual reality adaptations to be both cost effective and advance the field of cognitive load optimization.


Stay tuned for the release of the prototype in the coming week or two!