Other Health –

Providing a platform and consulting for better communication between the patient, health technicians, alternative medicine practitioners, established medicine, and the larger society, to benefit all


The Big Idea:

Our objective is to: a) create a more logically informed public by providing scientifically validated information to as wide a market as possible but with a focus on marginalized demographics, b) to partner with those just starting out on the fringes of the medical field and offering marketing services that do not decisive the consumer, so as to ensure that our clients are actually helping people instead of contributing to a problem.


The Products/Services:

To achieve the goals outlined in the ‘Big Idea’, we will do the following:


Create a multi-modality media menagerie

This will start out as a blog about medicine, medical technology, healthcare, and the impact these areas have on society.  Aimed at those currently living the epitome of a slightly less than middle class life, with little in the way of a scientific or technical background, the content aims at providing clear, logical evidence based medical findings and at the same time, making people think critically about what all this means to them.  It will then expand into podcast and video streams in a similar market sector.  Eventually the hope is to branch out into the fiction genre with the creation of a series that is set in the near future.  A group of unlikely folk will band together to defuse the tension between the media, politics, technology, and everyone else.  The aim is for the fiction to be constrained to only the story telling part of the tale and to be used as another way of disseminating science.  This will also play nicely as an advertising venue for our online platform for making people’s lives better.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Marketing Service –

Many people who are attracted to the alternative medical industry get criticized by established practitioners for being ill informed.  At the same time, the doctors do not take the time (or more likely, do not have the time) to understand why alternative medicines are being touted with the claims they are, leading to further misinformation.  On the other side, many people who sell an untested or traditional procedure that works for them, or someone else, are not able to fully test the idea before releasing it to the market.  This leads to millions of people going down unsafe avenues of treatment, simply because they did not have access to the right information at the right time.


With the Other Health platform, it is our goal to provide easy to access resources, including scientifically correct consulting, website hosting, promotional avenues and eventually direct sales, to individuals and small organizations with ideas on how to improve the medicine industry to make all parties better informed.  By engaging in dialog with licensed health professionals from the beginning, we hope to decrease the rampant marketing of pseudoscience and quackery that is so prevalent today while allowing the non-licensed health industry to complement instead of compete with accredited medical groups.


The amount of money that is required to train a single doctor is several hundred thousand dollars in the USA.  At the same time, there is a deficit in the number of general licensed practitioners while there are many people who have practical knowledge in how to help people lead healthier lives.  Let’s empower these individuals by getting them involved in medical development instead of shunning them and automatically assuming they have misguided ideas if they do not have Doctor in their name.  The World Health Organization has similar ideas [1].  In 2013 they released a report detailing the large role traditional medicine plays in millions of people’s health care.  Other Health aims at meeting WHO’s goals.



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