The Economic Model of The Other Realm

The model is based, in part, on the premise that the general principles of the second law of thermodynamics (that entropy must increase for an action to occur) are very applicable to economics.  It is also based on the idea that entropic social disorder is simply a statistical generalization of many different processes not working together and that it is through better cooperation of different needs and assets that a reduction in communal allostatic load can be achieved (allostasis is a biological term used to refer to the degree of optimization of all factors involved in an organism’s or ecosystem’s health, and allostatic load is the amount of effort exerted in order to maintain this system).  In order for entropic laws to hold true and not lead to ultimate chaos, there must be an increase in resources.  In order to increase allostasis, these resources must come from outside the local ecosystem (allos-, in Greek, means other).  If one takes into account the biosphere in its entirety as that which it is desirable to increase its allostasis, the only resource not accounted for is that which is unknown.  It is the unknown, therefore, that must be tapped in order to increase the allostasis of a realm (a realm being a set of conditions, ideas and other things that make up an environment in a certain context).