Associate Member Positions at The Other Realm



The Realization of Your Ideas!

This is what makes The Other Realm’s system fairly unique.  Once we get fully up, running and operational, associate members will spend only half their time working on keeping The Other Realm up and running.  The rest of the time will be spent working on a new idea that you have a passion in seeing brought to fruition.  This is where heterarchy really starts to play a significant role.  The hope is, once Associate Members have their idea realized; they will switch from being Associate Members and become Partner Members instead (The Other Realm will be a Partner Member).  As a Partner Members, you will work full time on your project, and take on new Associates of your own.  Then a portion of your profit will go into a buffer fund.  This buffer fund will be divided evenly between all Partners and distributed back to us evenly.  This will ensure that, should some partner fall on a hard spot, they will be able to keep afloat.  In addition, any partner can utilize the resources of any other partner as long as doing so does not overly burden this other partner in a lopsided manner (in which case a reasonable compensation can be arranged).


Below are some of the things you can be doing as an associate of The Other Realm:

Journalism: A.K.A., Managing a Multi-Modality Media Menagerie–

This entails getting out in the community and researching how health, education and the economy interplay with each other, and how emerging trends in science and technology factor into population health.  The aim of all our media endeavors is to focus on solutions and not dwell on problems.  This said, we will not shy away from identifying and stating clearly what the problems are.  However, once identified, any analysis will be on solutions, not further arguing on problems.  It seems this is what virtually all current mainstream media is already beating this to a pulp.

There will also be a podcast that takes a look at herbs and other natural substances in order to shed light on their safety and efficacy.




The Other Realm is, when it comes down to it, a technology company.  Therefore, if you have an interest in computer programming or other technological areas (networking and security, internet of things…) and you want to join on board, let’s get in touch.  The platform that is being developed uses such tools as Docker, WordPress, Cordova, Ubuntu, Apache HTTPd, and languages including JavaScript/jQuery, php, python, json, and Linux shell.  Even more important would be if you have artistic skill that could make the website and other media look awesome and help the clients that we work with get their material looking professional.


Monetary, Financial, and Accounting Matters–

Although we can probably break-even without outside financing, the acquisition of grants or other funding sources would allow us to focus more on the societal betterment side of things and less on making sure ends can meet.  If you are one of those rare few who feel like they might enjoy crunching the numbers, writing the grants and/or creating the tables and graphs, you would be a tremendous asset.






To start, everyone will operate remotely, so really, anywhere!  In the coming months however, a physical location in the Pioneer Valley area of Massachusetts will be established.  If you are interested in real estate and land management, this is something else you can work on.  The aim is to eventually establish a number of collaboratively run housing and co-working spaces that Members can live and work at.  In the meantime, when a physical gathering makes sense, we will utilize space at the Five Colleges and TechSpring in Springfield, MA.



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